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Limited Advertising agency AlexArt

Polygraphy press of cut-aways, posters, brochures, newspapers, magazines. Souvenir production handle, notebooks, daily logs, souvenirs Promo of an action, carrying out actions Market researches Outdoor advertizing, press of banners, placement

We - advertizing agency of a full cycle AlexArt recognize that advertizing in all the manifestations continues to involve target audience, increases mass character of sales and it reduces the goods price, and also forms demand for the new goods and services. Our agency renders advertizing and printing services in a principle of «one window»: we developed – we made – we placed, it is enough to you to concretize only the desire and to state recommendations about its embodiment. Thus we guarantee to all the clients: · consulting support; · distinct and flexible price policy; · optimum combination of a creative approach and rational technological and price embodiment. Constantly at your service our equipment and specialists of our agency who can a method of the offset, color, digital and large-format printing: Throughout all term of implementation of the order be sure that: · our specialist advertiser will consult you on subtleties of an embodiment of the concept developed by you and will estimate its expediency; · our manager will arrive to you to office; · if necessary our delivery driver delivers printing products to any address in Rostov-on-Don. If you just entered the market, or decided to carry out advertizing or PR campaign address to us. Together with your experts in sale and advance our advertisers, PR managers, experts in marketing and designers will help you: · to develop a corporate style of the company, · to develop and create a logo (in three options); · to create original symbols of brands and an emblem for each direction of your activity (branding); · to impose and print leaflets, booklets, catalogs and brochures; · to develop design of printing products; · to draw the model (in electronic form) on your man-made sketch; · To develop and make the press and stamps. We invite you to familiarize with our catalog of souvenirs on which we can put your logo or any image and an inscription according to your desire. Also we are glad to offer you ready VIPежедневники and other qualitative binding production with covers from high-quality materials, including from a genuine leather. For businessmen engaged online sales we offer a full complex of services: from creation of a site of any complexity, before its advance in the TOP. Our team of programmers and designers: · will make for you a site of any structure and complexity.

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Country: RUSSIA
City: Rostov-on-Don
Phone: +7 (863) 268-07-65
Fax: +7 (863) 260-07-65
E-mail: rostov@roasalex.ru
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